Metering Dispenser

Designed for accuracy, speed, precision, and chemical compatibility, LIGNIN’s Metering Dispenser improves the quality of both the results in the lab and the experience of the technicians.



Operator sets dispense volume (5, 10, or 20 mL) and speed on back of unit.


In-handle button triggers each shot.


Fill tray after tray with accuracy, precision & speed.



Designed to provide rapid, consistent, accurate dispensing of a wide range of solutions.

Fast, Robust, Reliable, Chemically compatible, Precise, Repairable, & Easy to use.

Table-top design fits well into lab work stations and protects components from hazards of the lab environment.

High Throughput

  • 20 mL : up to eighteen dispenses / min
    (per channel)
  • 10 mL : up to twenty-four dispenses / min
    (per channel)
  • 5 mL : up to forty dispenses / min
    (per channel)

Small Footprint

One–Three Channels:
12″ w x 11″ d x 8″ h

Four–Six Channels:
18.5″ w x 11″ d x 8″ h


  • 110 volt AC



May be configured with 1–6 channels.

Our lab technicians love the new dispensers. It saves them from repetitive motion
injuries that the old syringe pumps caused; they’re much more user-friendly.

Debbie Joines, University of Tennessee

This is a really sweet unit.

Mike Barber