LOI Weigher

LIGNIN’s Automated LOI Weighing System–with 480 positions–can capture up to 2400 sample weights per hour with greater accuracy and precision than is possible when done manually. Not to mention it liberates lab technicians from performing that tedious task.



Operator loads trays onto the heated platform which minimizes moisture accumulation.


Tare weight of each empty crucible is captured by rugged Scientech ZSA 80 balances with accuracy of ± 0.1 mg, then crucibles are returned to trays to allow operator to fill with soil samples.


Process is repeated to capture dry weight, after which the operator removes sample trays for combustion.

Weigh Again.

Trays are returned to platform and ash weights are captured.


System applies a user-customizable formula to calculate amount of lost organic matter and values are displayed in real time.


Values are exported as a LIMS compatible file, and the system is ready to go again.



Designed to provide pain-free, automated, precise, accurate organic mattter weighing results.

High Throughput

600-2400 samples / hour
(based on 480-position systems running 2-8 balances)

Small Footprint

40″ w x 60″ d x 24″ h platform
16″ w x 8″ d x 20″ h control box
+ space for Operator Control Station
(PC with tower, display, keyboard,
and mouse)


  • 1/4″ OD air at 60 psi
  • 110 volt AC


  • Six sample trays designed for CoorsTek 10mL ceramic crucibles
  • Operator Control Station running LIGNIN’s task-centered software


May be configured with 2, 4, or 8 balances.

Since we've had the robotic weigher, one person was able to do the work of three people.

Duane Osmanski, Ward Labs

I don't know, but that LOI is just sexy.

Bill Rohr