pHugly : Type ST

This six-channel pH Tester (now in its third generation) can analyze up to 600 samples per hour. It rinses and stirs the same way each time guaranteeing better results, longer probe life, and most importantly, more confidence in your pH data.



Operator loads prepared sample tray onto the platform.


Refillable double-junction, glass bulb, epoxy-bodied, flushable electrodes are calibrated using buffer solutions with pH values of 4.01 and 7.01.


Samples are stirred before each test by robust DC motors housed in a sturdy aluminum extrusion.


Electrodes then measure conductivity. Their analog signal is converted to digital and run through a custom algorithm in the computer software; pH is determined when the signal falls within user-defined parameters such as stability average (mV) or number of readings.


Electrodes are rinsed after each test.


Conductivity and pH values are displayed in real time and exported as a LIMS compatible file and the system is ready to start again.



Designed to provide rapid, consistent, accurate measurements of soil pH.

High Throughput

Up to 600 samples / hour

Small Footprint

42″ w x 21″ d x 22″ h platform
+ space for Operator Control Station (PC with keyboard and mouse)


  • 1/4″ OD air at 40 psi
  • 110 volt AC


  • Six pH probes
  • Two sample trays
  • One buffer/rinse tray
  • 250 mL of each buffer solution
  • Operator Control Station running LIGNIN’s task-centered software

By removing the constant labor of moving samples and electrodes, (the pH Robot) allow(s) the operator more time to focus on the quality of the data.

A & L Great Lakes Laboratories

pH is fundamental.

Bob Perry